Alone But Not Alone

I’m still finding it difficult to understand the dichotomy of self-isolation and social distancing with the sense of togetherness that Coronavirus is creating. We’re striving for non-contact under a threat that’s pulling us together. Our aloneness is our weapon against this virus – provided we all take up arms together. Togetherness is everywhere: communal shoppingContinue reading “Alone But Not Alone”

Talking of Stuff

Requests via our street’s WhatsApp group have escalated. Started with a pint of semi-skimmed, then indoor television aerial to: can someone please pick up my reading glasses from Sainsbury’s?  With COPD, Dad had no choice but to self-isolate. So far he’s taken his bed to pieces, cleaned underneath and reassembled it, created a running circuitContinue reading “Talking of Stuff”

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