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Life and Death on the Beach

Today I found a body on the beach. Actually, over the past few months I’ve found several.

Most moving was the demise of Sid the squid. I say squid and Sid but, as I’m no expert, he (or she) could be an octopus. The website of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation informs me squid and octopus are cousins from the cephalopoda family so let’s cover both possibilities and call her  (or him) Cepha.

I looked into Cepha’s blue eye with sadness. Until the film My Octopus Teacher, I’d never thought much about octopuses. But the film has dramatically changed my perception, educating me on how amazingly intelligent and resourceful they are in their battle for survival. Almost human.

With its drooling red tongue, I was less moved when I stumbled across this dead clam. I mean, people eat these revolting creatures? Come to think of it, I once had clam chowder in Tofino. If I’d known about the red tongue I’d have chosen a burger instead. Except, believe it or not, it isn’t a tongue at all. It’s a foot, used to dig down and hide itself in the sand or mud. 

Sadly, the death toll didn’t end there. A couple of days later I found this little fella with his enticingly wide smile. For someone so thin his grin risks splitting him in two. I figure he must have good reason to celebrate. Maybe he’s laughing because he’s reached land – at last. 

Or maybe he’s celebrating the resilience of this inanimate object that’s sprung to life after escaping its role as road patrol. Dance on cone… (Click to see him dance!)

Click cone to see him dance!


7 thoughts on “Life and Death on the Beach

  1. You must try and add the video clip as it is quite spooky! Stay safe on the beach! Seems a dangerous place to be at times. 🙂


  2. Reminds me how far from our beach I am a the moment – Altenburg is as far from the sea as it’s possible to be! Wasn’t there also a dolphin?


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